Billings, Montana

Your Playfully Free-spirited, Intimate Photographer.

My name is Shanna Downing. I'm your playfully free-spirited intimate photographer.

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Hi, I'm Shanna

I'm passionate about capturing your intimate beauty, while providing you the freedom to personally see how valuable and exceptionally sensational you truly are.

Are you pursing to reclaim a piece of yourself that may have been neglected, sidelined, or abandoned? I would be honored to be your photographer walking you through this liberating journey of rediscovering your beautiful, confident self.

You are worth it. You are enough.

Be intentional. Be True. Be You.

Hi, I'm Shanna

I love spending my time in the sunny freedom of exploring outdoors, working out in my favorite gym, and savoring a hot americano! I am passionate about experiencing as many moments in life with my beautiful family and adventurous friends!