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You have questions—I have answers. Check out the FAQs about my process and boudoir photography below.

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Shanna Downing Photography

What is boudoir?

The whole idea of Boudoir is that women should love their bodies, that feeling sexy should not be just about pleasing someone else.

As liberating and confidence boosting of an experience a private professional boudoir shoot is, it also provides a wonderfully intimate gift that celebrates your unique connection with your partner. Believe me when I say you won't regret this experience!

Boudoir photographs are stylistically unique and creative. They have one thing in common, they all focus on the subjects sexuality and general identity as a sexual being. Boudoir can be very subtle while still remaining intimate or very edgy to display your unique self.

Boudoir are very appreciated gifts to give a partner as they are rare and took time and planning. These are better than any selfies fired off, only a special few will put forth the effort to have these professionally and artfully taken. Boudoir photos are as romantic and personal a gift as anything else you could possibly buy. Not only will your partner benefit from your choice to arrange a personal boudoir photo shoot, many people love posing for boudoir photos because how it makes them feel. Owning your sexuality and taking complete charge of it is empowering. I guarantee you will feel nothing short of amazing to see yourself looking like a million dollars in your photos that portray you at your sexiest and most sultry.

Allow me, your professional photographer, to use my knowledge and crafty eye to showcase your true beauty with appropriately flattering lighting, settings, and posing techniques to each body type. You will never have seen yourself look so amazing!


What payment options do you accept?

All payment options are accepted! Invoices can be sent, all major Credit Cards, PayPal, as well as Check and Cash are all accepted. Payment plans available on request.


Where are you located?

My Studio Salon is located at 1780 Shiloh Rd, Suite A in Billings MT, nonetheless I love engaging to locations that fit your personality and wishes, if you have a special place I would be delighted to adventure to your destination!


Do you have a cancellation policy?

I understand life can be unpredictable, once your time slot has been reserved I understand a possible need to reschedule one time with a 2+ week notice so I am able to offer that that time to another.

You are worth it. You are enough.

Be intentional. Be True. Be You.